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I launched Danielle Robertson Photography in 2014, following a 15-year career as an art director, graphic designer and in-house photographer. My focus is Interiors, Architecture and Portraits. (Basically, I shoot Homes and People.)

When I collaborate with interior designers, builders and real estate professionals, my work takes me to homes all over Boston, the South Shore and Cape Cod. On location, I love searching homes for design and architectural details. I focus on how rooms are utilized, how they connect to each other, and how design and styling can make it all come together. My goal is to tell a story about a home; capturing how it truly feels to be in each space.

I love photographing people… families at home, children outside playing, executives at work, athletes at the gym, and babies in their mother’s arms. There is nothing better than capturing someone in their element.

When I'm not on location, you can find me in my home studio or on the beaches, in beautiful Scituate, MA. After years living in London and Boston, my husband and I moved to my coastal hometown on the South Shore of Boston, where we're raising three kids and one shaggy dog. We spend our free time renovating our home—this is our third home renovation. 

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